Our multi-disciplinary team use our experience gained in the pharmaceutical industry, academia and health services worldwide to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of services related to Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR).

Market Access & Strategy Planning
Economic Evidence Development
Systematic Review of Evidence
Value Communication Tools
Real-world Data Analysis
Clinical Studies Designing
Market Access & Strategy Planning

We provide methodological and strategic advice for reimbursement assessment to demonstrate the value of products and gain market access. We assist the pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submission to secure the recommended status from national and regional health care programs. We provide critical review of existing economic models and HTA evidence materials and implements global economic models or HTA agency, specific models. All of our economic models can be adapted to reflect intra-country and regional differences.

What is included
  • Methodological and strategic advice
  • Preparation for formal HTA scientific advice
  • Critical review of your HTA submission
  • Review, critique and development of HEOR evidence generation plans (e.g. clinical trial design and outcomes assessment/instrument selection, payer evidence planning)
  • Review and critique of existing economic models and HTA evidence materials
Economic Evidence Development

We provide a wide variety of evidence generation projects to support your product and develop the optimum modeling approach based on clients’ needs from basic decision-analytic models to complex computer simulation models to address complex clinical situations. Our modeling tools include:

What is included
  • Early economic modelling and threshold analyses
  • Budget impact models
  • Global economic models or HTA agency specific models
  • Adapting economic models to reflect intra-country and regional differences
  • Cost-consequence, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility models
  • Survival modelling and extrapolation
Systematic Review of Evidence

We provide structured and targeted literature reviews (e.g. burden of illness, unmet needs assessments, health technology assessment (HTA)). Also, we can provide systematic reviews and interpretation of clinical and economic evidence to answer all kind of research questions. In order to quantify the value of new health care technologies, we perform network meta-analyses and indirect treatment comparisons.

What is included
  • Systematic reviews and interpretation of clinical and economic evidence
  • Structured and targeted literature reviews (e.g. burden of illness, unmet needs assessments, health technology assessment (HTA))
  • Network meta-analyses and indirect treatment comparisons
Value Communication Tools

We provide innovative communication tools to maximize the impact of research results and assist clients to publish original research in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. We also collaborate with clients to arrange coordinated research initiatives including training workshops, conference presentations and internal communication aids. Also, we develop a wide variety of communication tools include shiny web application and data visualization package to spread out research findings and translate results to inform and support compelling, high-quality value messages.

What is included
  • Health Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR) publications
  • Training and workshops
  • Conference presentations
  • Internal communication aids
Real-world Data Analysis

We provide services to clients to translate available data to meaningful evidence. This service includes consultancy on the detection of different sources of data, selection, analysis, and interpretation. The available data could be from a wide range of sources such as different published or unpublished clinical studies, insurance data, claim and billing data, public health surveillance, and disease registries. We use different analytic models to feed decisions with real-world evidence.

What is included
  • Parametric and non-parametric survival analysis
  • Health care utilization data analysis
  • Health outcome and quality of life data analysis
  • Quality of life data mapping to EQ-5D
  • Epidemiological data analysis
  • Analysing data from registries and cohort studies
Clinical Studies Designing

We provide services to clients to design and conduct clinical studies to prove the efficacy and effectiveness of their products in accordance with health regulatory requirements.

What is included
  • Designing clinical studies
  • Designing data collection forms
  • Sample size estimation
  • Patients recruitment consultations


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