A blend of experience from consultancy, industry and academia

Atefeh was an Evidence Synthesis Analyst at NIHR Innovation Observatory. She was also a member of the Evidence Synthesis and Health Economics Teams in the Institute of Health & Society. She has a strong background in health economics and Evidence Synthesis. She has published several Cochrane systematic reviews.
Atefeh Mashayekhi
Head of Evidence Synthesis Team
Mehdi holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics and has over 12 years of experiences in academia and industry. Mehdi has built over 60 economic evaluation models from scratch for different diseases (Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Ophthalmology, ...) and has over 80 publications in high impact journals. He has a strong commercial sense and in-depth knowledge of modeling. His work includes early economic modeling, cost-effectiveness, and budget impact models, validation of existing models and production of affiliate models fully adaptable for country-specific inputs.
Dr Mehdi Javanbakht
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Maziar is a Medical Doctor with post-graduate studies in health metric and evaluation. He has been a consultant for several international organizations, governments, and companies. Maziar has contributed to publishing more than 180 papers in peer-reviewed journals.
Professor Maziar Moradi-Lakeh
Head of Clinical Research Team
Mohsen holds a PhD in health economics with several years of experience in academia and industry. He has built several economic evaluation models in different diseases area.
Dr Mohsen Yaghoubi
Senior Health Economics Scientist
Maryam is a doctor of medicine, she has more than 8 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She also has worked in the medical device and medical insurance field. Her area of expertise in pharmaceutical is mostly in medical, sales and R&D departments.
Dr Maryam Saeedi
Senior Clinical Scientist
Neda holds Masters of Science (MScs) in accounting with over 12 years of experience in multiple companies as a financial manager and senior accountant. Neda has extensive experience in preparing and analyzing financial statements.
Mrs Neda Shahbandian
Financial Manger