We help you to identify a clear pathway for reimbursement and adoption of your medical device and pharmaceutical products across major global healthcare markets.

Building your Optimax Pathway to Global Healthcare Markets
Optimax Access is a health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) consultancy company based in the United Kingdom, with offices also in the Netherlands, Canada and the U.S. We assist our clients in introducing their pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and services to major global healthcare markets. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, a business in digital healthcare services or a medical device inventor, we will help you to identify a clear and optimal pathway to success with a comprehensive catalogue of services ranging from clinical study design to reimbursement assessment and evidence generation planning.
As a branch of the iGES Life Sciences group, we collaborate with various teams within the group that are leaders in different aspects of evidence generation for global healthcare markets. Our services are tailored to clients working towards innovation in the fields of:
– Pharmaceutical products,
– Medical devices,
– Digital medical applications.

We assist you in:

Early market access assessment

We will help you in ensuring that your innovation will be fit for your target healthcare market at an early stage of development. Our services include early market access landscape assessment, early product value assessment, early payer engagement and communication with payer advisory boards, value dossier development, and the development of payer communication tools.

National market access strategy

Assessing the added value of your new drug, medical device or service is crucial to demonstrate this value to potential investors and decision-makers. We offer a range of services to help you achieve national market access, which include Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and reimbursement submissions, systematic and rapid literature reviews, cost-consequence and cost-effectiveness modelling, budget impact modelling, and publications in high-impact journals. We want to ensure that your product or service will achieve recommendations and endorsements from key healthcare actors and decision-makers in your country of interest.

Global market access strategy

Launching a new product or service on a global scale comes with its own set of regulatory challenges. Our team will support you in the development of global value dossiers, core health economic models, and conducting country-specific adaptations of health economic models.



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